Tips And Tricks To Master Shadow Fight 2

Tips And Tricks To Master Shadow Fight 2

The aim of every single player is to master the shadow fight 2, it is one of the top rated games available for the apple and Android supported device. NEKKI are noted down as the developer and publisher of this game. There are millions of people already playing this game and spending some good time. Well, mastering the game is not that simple as it seems to be, it is filled with complications. Hence there are some points which can be helping the person. Go through them and head forward to make progress in the game.

Take part in duels

Duel is one of the modes under these games and undoubtedly it is the best one. Under it, the player is given random equipment and consequently faces random AI opponents. The challenging part about this mode is that there is control over equipment. Yet there is a good point that this mode consists of the normal difficulty.

Participating in it helps the person to earn good count of coins and gems. However, a point to catch is that the person can participate in such matches after every four hours. Therefore the person should not be missing the opportunity of participating in the duels and earning good amount of currency.

Go for survival mode

There are two sorts of currencies in the game i.e. coins and gems. The coin is termed to be the common currency; where else the gems are termed to be premium currency. Both of them are having a major role to play and survival mode is one of the best options with the person to earn currency or by trying Shadow Fight 2 Hacks.

In this particular mode, the main focus of the player should be at running down the enemies by defending the own health bar. Even the person would be getting a slight boost in the HP after successfully defeating the enemy. The amount of earning currency is dependent upon the count of enemies that the player has taken down.

Winding up

These are the few tips that a person should be keeping in their mind in order to make progress in the game with ease. Even I have used these same points in order to master the game. If you are the one who has not installed the game till now, then take a step forward to download the game from the app store or play store respectively.