Simple (But Important) Things to Remember about Episode – Choose your story

Simple (But Important) Things to Remember about Episode – Choose your story

There are many games in the role-playing genre in the gaming world and one of the top interesting games is by Episode Interactive. Episode – Choose your story is really a very interesting game and you can play this game anywhere with a stable internet connection and proper device. Proper device refers to a mobile phone with either Android or iOS platform and a needed version of these operating systems.

This is really interesting game and you’ve to be playing stories made by many people and even you can play in-game stories given to everyone. Though, it is more fun to be playing other’s stories when you get bored of playing in-game stories. There are many features in this whole gameplay and you can play these features when it seems boring. One of the best features is to make your own story and you’ll enjoy it a lot to make your dream fantasy even in a virtual world which looks too real.

Some useful tips and tricks

•    Try to collect the main currency of this game i.e. passes and if you’re facing some hassles while playing then collecting passes will help you use them in trouble.

•    Gems are the primary currency of this a game and you have to keep collecting these with Episode Hack. This can give you a hard time collecting these gems because it will be given in small amounts after every completed mission.

•    This game will allow you to spend money for currencies and you don’t have to spend your money on these. Well, this is just a game and you’ve to be smart enough to look at such things in every game.

Bottom Line

I hope you like this guide. Thank you for reading and Stay tuned for more such stuff.