SimCity BuildIt Tactic Guide- 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Playing

SimCity BuildIt Tactic Guide- 5 Things to Keep in Mind While Playing


SimCity BuildIt is just a new-fangled version of SimCity (2013). This app is published by EA sports in late 2014 and earns a lot of prominence among gamers from the very first day. The newer version is now available for both platforms i.e. Android and iOS. Just like in PC you’re going to act like Mayor of your City, Building it from ground to up and attract citizens. Moreover, you get a chance to unlock 3-d buildings and even some historical buildings like Big Ben and Arc de Triomphe.

Of course you are going to face some major problems as the citizens are increasing. You can’t deny that sometimes we feel like it’s a smart idea to buy some currencies using real money. We’ve come up with a guide to enhance your gaming experience and help you thrive without spending any real cash and keeping your citizens happy with SimCity Buildit Cheats.

Be acquainted with what you yearn for

While playing look out for items you need. It would be smarter to let yourself know what you want in your city and in particular area. For instance, you have a group of houses that need one thing that is available in other group but it is not in use. So instead of buying a new one you can use that extra with the needed group of houses.

Make sure to check the Happiness Counter

This is situated at the left side of your screen and a green-face with a smile means your citizens are happy and once it hits 100, your citizens think that you’re a remarkable mayor. On the other hand when this face is not anymore green then Mayor, you’ve got problems.

Try trading goods in Global HQ market

You can use Global Headquarters to connect with different players and trade goods or sell anything you want. You can even post ads to let other players know about your deal. There will be a popup when players login and check their HQ.  There’s no limit so try selling items at higher and reasonable price and someone will purchase it for sure.

Sims are like Real People

Citizens in your city pretend to be real people and they need basic needs like electricity, clean water and high security. People won’t like if your city is having high crime rates and too much pollution and traffic. To overcome such problems you have to make more police stations, fire stations and better roads in order to minimize traffic.

Make use of public structures to the Fullest

Once you get to unlock public structures like police station and all. Try using in such location or areas where they are needed the most and in such a location to use it effectively. It’s very significant to make your venture count and make sure they work out lucratively to a wide range of people. 

Happy folks pay more tax although don’t exaggerate it

Even in real life we have to pay taxes and same is with SimCity BuildIt. One has to pay taxes in order to live in the city. In order to get higher taxes, try keeping your citizens happier and it will help you a lot. Try to make a balance between percentage of taxations and happiness as it will create problems once unbalanced.

Bottom line

For more tips and strategies, I suggest you to stay tuned as we’ll be uploading much more articles like these to help you out and play this game with much ease, and visit in twitter. I hope these tactics work out for you guys.