Simcity Buildit – All About Currencies!

If you are new to Simcity Buildit and don’t know the fact that how to earn currencies then it can also stop you to enjoy the awesome features and gameplay. You may all know that earning resources is always important and with the help of this, players can make progress. For this, you should know about the currencies first and then you can take further steps to earn these currencies. Well, there are two currencies present in the game which have a significant place. Let’s check out the details about these currencies in the upcoming paragraphs.


Simoleons are the primary currency that you can earn by completing different tasks or using simcity buildit cheats for android in the game. You can also collect taxes from the citizens in the form of this currency. You should also know the important fact that all the citizens are not paying the same tax because the amount of tax always depends on their happiness. Players should keep the citizens happy to collect high taxes from them. Players should also use some strategies as well as tricks to keep the citizens happy and this can help them to earn good amount of simoleons. Players can also earn this currency with the help of constructing various buildings and also by upgrading them. This currency is also important for purchasing and to trade with other players in the game.


Simcash is the important currency of the game which is required to enhance the speed of the game. Players can earn this currency in the form of a bonus after making some achievements in the game. Well, players can also purchase it from the game store with the help of spending their real life money. You can also convert simcash into simoleons which are also an important thing that players should always keep in their mind. There are lots of tasks present which are related to the city achievements and after completing these tasks in a perfect manner, players can earn simcash and use it to improve their performance in the game.

Other alternatives

You may all know that earning resources in the game is a challenging task and for this, players are making lots of efforts. If you are playing this game but doesn’t have enough resources then it may also stop you to move further in the game. Due to this, you may get bored or quit the game which is not good. Players who want to earn sufficient resources in the game should take assistance from various sources that are present on the internet. By using a genuine tool or program, they can easily grab desired resources to make the game easier. There are some important things which everyone should consider while using these tools. Players should always use the authorized tools to generate resources otherwise they can also fall into a trouble.  

Moreover, players can also follow the effective tricks or cheats to earn resources and also to boost their performance in the game.