Why To Download Episode – Choose Your Story?

Why To Download Episode – Choose Your Story?

There are thousands of choices in front of the person, at the time when looking forward to download the digital games in social media. Well, my personal recommendation to the entire people out there is to go with the episode – choose your story. Episode interactive is the developer of this game and it is recognised under simulation category.

It is compatible with both Android and IOS supported devices. It is totally free to download it, yet it offers in-app purchases to the player. Ads can also pop-up in it at the time of playing. In case you have a doubt regarding the worth of installing the game, you can go with the figures of downloads. There are millions of player enjoying this game worldwide.

More details regarding game

Majority of the players are having a dream of playing the role of the character in the story. The episode interactive has studies this point wisely and therefore introduces this game. You may wonder to know that it is an exceptional game with unique features and easy controls which together seek the attention of the player. The player needs to play the part of the major character. The best part about this game is – allowance of publishing own story within the game and even on the social platforms through the link below.

Guide to generate game resources

Within the past few months, a lot of new people have downloaded this game and the count has still not stopped. There are a number of people who are downloading it. Like any other game, it is also having several levels in it which can be only crossed in the presence of proper game resources. The game resources can be found within the form gems and passes. In order to avail game resources, a person is in need of playing the games with perfection.

One most common problem studied, faced by the player is – they fail to collect sufficient amount of game resources and further end up losing. Therefore we are going to cover few basic tricks to manage a good amount of game resources with Episode Hack.

·         The player can get internet in work for easily analysing the various ways.

·         The player should not forget to take up the user name in order to fill the details.

·         Don’t spend all the money at a particular time and place; try to save it for future crisis.

·         It is the game which is developed by keeping real-world in-game; therefore the person should try to get a job and work hard in it multiply profits.

Interesting facts about the game

Every single person wants to acknowledge the bright side of the game that they are willing to play. Hence we are going to cover some of the interesting facts related to this game further in the post.

·         The player is having no choice to create their own personal look, including the outfits of the character as well.

·         Opportunity to experience the suspense and uncovered mysterious in the game.

·         Experience various stages of life, from being a small baby to an old person.

·         Way to find love and even the decision regarding the way to romance.

Final words

It is the complete information about one of the most rated and loved the game in the gaming industry. In case the gameplay has also excited you then take a step forward and download this in you device. If you operate an android supported device, then check the play store and respectively the IOS users are having the option of the app store.

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Some Useful tips and tricks for Hustle Castle

Some Useful tips and tricks for Hustle Castle

I you’re one of the castle-building and RPG games fan then this game is perfect for you, visit in reddit and get info. Hustle play is a very unique game with such cool graphics and better gameplay. You can easily find this game on Android market and it is available on iOS too. Taking up only 67mb of your mobile space make s it cooler and it runs smoothly on a compactable device. Developed by MY.COM this game will take you to the virtual world where you have to play the role of a king of your own kingdom and it’s too much fun.

Though this game is pretty easy but at some time it can give you a hard time. So we’ve come up with few tips and tricks that can help you grow easily. So let’s get started-

·         Try to build more storage and upgrade them as much as possible. This will help you to store more resources and to earn extra.

·         Don’t keep your resources full when you’re logging off. As it’s better to use them than getting looted. Yeah once you log off, no matter at what level you’re you will surely get attacked and get looted.

·         Upgrading a player is great and it can help you a lot in raids. Either you’re online or offline, try upgrading at least one player and this will help you in a long run.

·         Try to keep an eye on throne room and make the best use of it. Throne room can be very helpful and try upgrading everything before you upgrade your throne room.

·         Gearing up and upgrading can do a lot and you can easily raid once you’re upgraded. Choosing equipment that can help you in a long run and upgrading it again and again can enhance your performance and make you a better player.

·         Before you’re about to upgrade rooms, try upgrading them by filling it up with maximum people. This can shorten the time it takes for the upgrade and can help you saves a lot of time.

So what’s the Final Verdict?

As a whole this game is full of adventures and thrills. You can make the best player with Hustle Castle Hack. I hope these tips work out successfully for you and Stay tuned as I’ll be coming up with more such stuff.


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Do you want to beat more players in Golf Clash?

Do you want to beat more players in Golf Clash?

Golf Clash is one of the top grossing games in the market these days, read more in reddit news. This is a multiplayer arcade genre game and gains a dramatic popularity after the release. You can play this game with your Facebook friends and even you can play with a random stranger from all over the world and challenge them or play a match against them.

The gameplay of this game is really easy to play but there are many great players in this game all over the world. In order to beat them easily, we’ve come up with a guide for all of you guys to beat more players in Golf Clash. Let’s get started-

o   Use a suitable power while making a shot. This can be hard but once you’ve started experimenting different value of powers and get to know the needed power then it will be much easier for you all.

o   You need to assure that your path is parallel to the hole and the flag will show up if you’re using the right power. The flag will shine blue if everything’s perfect.

o   Upgrade your clubs as much as possible by earning a lot of coins by different means, so you can try Golf Clash Cheats. Upgrading your gears can help you a lot within the gameplay as it will increase the attributes such as power, spin, curl and much more.

o   Make the best use of chests as you’ll be earning them by challenging different players. These chests can be very helpful to upgrade your club. All you need to do is select the club you want to upgrade and then open the chest. This will give you different parts of your club and keep repeating this with your different clubs.

o   Try using different types of balls as per the conditions. These balls come with different abilities and can be very helpful while playing. Their abilities vary from Side spin to Wind resistance and much more.


So here are some sweet and easy tips that can be very helpful while playing with some stranger or even your Facebook friends. This game as a whole is a super fun pack for multiplayer games lovers. Though this game is easy to play when it comes to challenging someone or play with someone you need to go through some tips and tricks. I hope these tricks helped you to beat players.

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